Meghan Markle Ready To Meet The Queen? Prince Harry And His Lady Love Spotted In London Amid Engagement Rumors

Meghan Markle Ready To Meet The Queen? Prince Harry And His Lady Love Spotted In London Amid Engagement Rumors
Source: The Sun

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are back in London after their extended stay in Africa. The couple was spotted returning home this week and are reportedly spending their down time with the royal family. Will Markle finally meet Queen Elizabeth?

Markle and Harry were seen at Heathrow airport in London on Tuesday. The pair made their way out of the terminal and appeared like a completely normal couple. While they looked happier than ever following their three-week vacation, they were not wearing any engagement rings.

“The pair wore baseball caps and sat in the first class carriage, reading magazines and chatting quietly,” a source revealed. “[Markle] was smiley and giddy looking.”

Markle and Harry enjoyed three weeks touring Africa before heading back to London. Filming for Suits is currently on break, which means Meghan Markle has plenty of time to spend with her boyfriend.

The two are reportedly staying with Harry’s father, Prince Charles, at Birkhall. With Queen Elizabeth’s home nearby, there is a strong chance the two will meet in the near future.

Harry returned to London in time to commemorate the 20 th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Harry opened up about his mom’s passing in a special documentary with his brother, Prince William.

The 32-year-old admitted that he refused to accept the tragedy and that it took him a long time to deal with the loss. Fortunately, it looks like Markle will be at his side to honor the memory of his mother.

Speaking of Markle and Harry, Daily Star reports that the two have been very discreet about their public appearances. While rumors of an engagement run rampant, Harry reportedly organized for a special chauffeur to whisk them secretly out of the airport in London.

A source revealed that they also use a private lounge while traveling and did not have to go through the usual security checks to get back into the country.

This level of secrecy does not come as a huge surprise. Members of the royal family tend to remain out of the spotlight when they’re facing intense media scrutiny, especially when it comes to relationships.

Unfortunately, the discretion means that we probably won’t know if Harry proposed until Kensington Palace releases an official announcement.


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