Meghan Markle Reads To Her And Prince Harry's Son Archie In Adorable And Rare Video!

Meghan Markle Reads To Her And Prince Harry's Son Archie In Adorable And Rare Video!
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Fans of the royal family do not get to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby boy, Archie Harrison, very often, especially not in video form. That being said, his first birthday was a rare occasion on which a clip of the birthday boy did make its way on social media!

Harry was the one to capture his wife, Meghan and son, Archie on camera and the sight was adorable!

The vid shows the toddler and his loving mom, reading ‘Duck! Rabbit!’ a children’s book, to benefit Save The Children UK!

Therefore, the footage was shared on the charity’s official IG account and fans could not help but gush over the cute sight.

‘We’re going to read Duck! Rabbit!’ Meghan can be seen telling the camera which was being held by her husband.

In the meantime, their child was sitting in her lap as Meghan whispered to him to open the book, something the smart child was able to do with no problem.

Meghan went on to read the story, Archie occasionally cooing and squirming here and there but mostly remaining focused on what his mom was reading.

However, at some point he must have gotten bored because he leaned down to pick another book up.

‘Let’s finish this book first, then we can read that book,’ she told him before dropping the new book on the floor by mistake and exclaiming: ‘Uh oh.’

The actress went on with the children’s story, looking into the camera at some points as well, as if to connect better with all the other children watching from home on their devices.

When the story was over, Meghan closed the book before hugging her son tightly.

Behind the camera, Harry could be heard exclaiming: ‘Bravo!’

As mentioned before, this sweet video comes just as Archie is celebrating his first birthday.

Regardless, this was definitely more of a gift for everyone else!


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