Meghan Markle Plans To Tackle Post-Pregnancy Body-Shaming By Doing This -- Will Prince Harry And The Royal Family Back Her?

Meghan Markle Plans To Tackle Post-Pregnancy Body-Shaming By Doing This -- Will Prince Harry And The Royal Family Back Her?
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According to reports from people close to Meghan Markle, she is considering taking a radical approach to her body after giving birth, with the main intention of changing the way women see their bodies in the context of pregnancy.

More specifically, Markle wants to erase the perception that women need to do their best to stay skinny after giving birth.

From what is being reported, Markle wants to present herself in a more “realistic” manner after giving birth to baby Archie and is planning to go about that in a very public way.

Prince Harry’s wife will not only walk the walk, but she likely talk a lot about the things she is going through with regards to her pregnancy, her battle to lose the weight and her fans will probably get to hear some interesting reports about her situation as well.

However, it remains to be seen how this will be taken by the royal family. There has been speculation that this idea might clash with some of them, and it would not be the first time Markle has been on the wrong end of discussions behind the palace’s closed doors.

Indeed, there have been various rumors indicating that Markle might be facing significant resistance from the family on some fronts.

It is not clear if those rumors are exaggerated or close to the real situation, but it is possible that Markle might be on thin ice in the eyes of the Queen and various other members of the family at the moment.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently did an interview with Markle who gave her some advice about motherhood.

Michelle, who has two daughters, Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18, explained: “Being a mother has been a masterclass in letting go. Motherhood has taught me that, most of the time, my job is to give them the space to explore and develop into the people they want to be. Not who I want them to be or who I wish I was at that age, but who they are, deep inside.”

The couple recently shared a picture, and one fan said: “When I look at this picture it reminds me of the song that was played at their wedding Lean On Me because this picture shows them leaning on each other, they are a great team, and now there is a third-team player (Archie).”

Markle is strong and her fans believe she can win over her critics.

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