Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Hiring A New PR Team To Deal With Her Public Image

Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Hiring A New PR Team To Deal With Her Public Image
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According to a report from The Sun, Meghan Markle is looking to clean up her public image. Reportedly, the former Suits star is talking with her public relations firm, amid reports that she's looking to cater to her image as a Hollywood persona instead of her royal duties.

A royal source who spoke with The Sun stated that Meghan is looking to create a public relations team that's not inhibited by old traditions and practices. Markle recently hired Madison Avenue PR firm, Sunshine Sachs following her Vogue UK guest-editing job this past July.

The insider said to The Sun that Meghan is more concerned with catering to a United States-based audience, rather than the United Kingdom, even though the issue she recently worked on was for Vogue United Kingdom.

Reportedly, Meghan said that she wanted to "break the internet," a term first coined by Paper Mag in 2014 related to an issue with Kim Kardashian without clothes. The source shared with the outlet that Meghan appeared as though she was talking about the marketing campaign for a film or album.

Another royal insider stated that Meghan is doing everything in her power to cater to both audiences. The source claims Meghan is using Hollywood as support, in case she doesn't get what she needs from the Palace, she can always rely on Hollywood instead.

The Sun's source added that the Royal Family is a lot different than just traditional celebrities. They are publicly funded official entities, rather than celebrities. Their role is more formal and taken a bit more seriously by the general public.

This weekend, Markle is in New York City to watch her close friend, Serena Williams, perform at the US Open. This comes after the Suits alum was accused of being too heavy in terms of rule-setting, in addition to living an extravagant lifestyle.

Meghan flew commercial to New York due to some people online who were displeased with them taking a private jet. Regarding the public relations firm she hired, Sunshine Sachs employs Sara Latham who was once Hillary Clinton's adviser, as well as the Hollywood agent, Nick Collins.

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