Meghan Markle - Inside Her Fitness Regimen After Welcoming Baby Archie

Meghan Markle - Inside Her Fitness Regimen After Welcoming Baby Archie
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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle welcomed her and Prince Harry's first baby back in May and royal expert Katie Nicholl tells ET that she is not in any hurry to shed the pregnancy weight. Apparently, Meghan has been pretty relaxed when it comes to transforming her body.

Nicholl mentioned while chatting with the news outlet that she was very fit before getting pregnant and really dedicated to her fitness routine.

That being said, the former actress would supposedly run around the park in Kensington but now, she has decided to ‘take it easy.’

‘I hear that yoga is very much on her post birth fitness regime - nothing too strenuous. The whole approach has been holistic, it's been pretty gentle. It has been a natural embracing of motherhood, and with that, has come a very gentle routine. ... Meghan has not been hitting the gym. She has not been in any hurry to get back in shape,’ the expert explained.

After all, it has only been a month since she gave birth and Meghan does not want to exhaust herself since she also needs to take care of a newborn.

Nicholl says that Meghan has been doing a lot of yoga with her mom Doria, however, since she is actually a yoga instructor and knows what she is doing!

‘Apparently, Doria took up postpartum yoga and baby yoga, and that's all Meghan has been doing. And lots of proud walks around Windsor Park, so, gentle exercise, but not any hard training, no weights. She is apparently not in any hurry to get back into shape. She is enjoying this time. She is being gentle with herself,’ Nicholl dished.

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