Meghan Markle Get's An Official Royal Aide Ahead Of Their May Wedding

Meghan Markle Get's An Official Royal Aide Ahead Of Their May Wedding
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Meghan Markle isn't officially a part of the royal family yet, but she's on her way to the throne. Reportedly, just a few months before her 19th of May wedding, Meghan has received a royal aide to help her with her schedule from now on.

Someone close to the affairs of the Palace stated "Markle needed an aide because there is so much going on at all times. There's no way for one person to handle it all."

On Monday, February 19th, Amy Pickerill - the former Kensington Palace Press Officer - announced she would be an assistant private secretary in Prince Harry's office and will work on correspondences directed toward Meghan.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the Kensington Palace said she would be "working on Meghan Markle's programme."

During her trip to Edinburgh, paparazzi spotted Pickerill with Meghan, and they were photographed. In the photo, Markle was holding a bouquet of tulips alongside Pickerill, a gift eventually given to an American fan.

According to reports, Pickerill is an educated woman who attended Nottingham University and worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Amy occupied several roles in the press office department.

As for their nuptials, earlier in February, the Palace released several details about the wedding between the Suits actress and Prince Harry.

St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle will hold the ceremony, and it will be on the 19th of May, 12 pm. Sources explained, "Meghan is beyond thrilled to be getting married to Harry. It's every girl's dream to get married to a Prince, and it's coming true for her. It's wild."

Another insider added, "Harry and Meghan are looking forward to celebrating their love in public."

Following the ceremony, their carriage will take a trip alongside High Street and through Windsor Town.


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