Meghan Markle Finally Breaks Silence On Family Drama - Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Her Father Begging Him To Stop Lying!

Meghan Markle Finally Breaks Silence On Family Drama - Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Her Father Begging Him To Stop Lying!
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It looks like Meghan Markle sent her estranged father a lengthy and heartbreaking letter that tells the story of their family drama from her point of view! Here’s what the hurt daughter had to say to her dad, Thomas.

Yesterday, Thomas Markle shared the letter apparently written in August of last year with The Mail.

Presuming that the handwritten five-pages-long note is authentic, Meghan sounds very disappointed in her dad and begs him to stop talking to the press about her and husband Prince Harry.

‘Daddy, It's with a heavy heart that I write this letter, not understanding why you've chosen to take this path and turning a blind eye to the pain that you are causing. Your actions have really broken my heart into a million pieces—not because you have manufactured such unwarranted pain, but also by choosing not to tell the truth while you are puppeteered in this,’ Meghan starts her letter.

The Duchess continues to express her dismay that he would do something like this to her since she’d only ever ‘protected, defended and loved’ him as well as helped him financially and worried about his health.

Meghan goes on to tell her dad that ‘the week of my wedding to hear about your heart attack via a tabloid was horrifying. I called you and texted…I begged you to accept help—we sent somebody to your home…and instead of talking to me, to accept this or any help, you just stopped answering your phone and chose to speak to tabloids only.’

So it sounds like it was not Meghan who froze out her father like he repeatedly claimed in the media.

The former Suits actress also reminded Thomas that while he said she’d never helped him financially and he never asked for help either, that was not only not true but she also had an email from him begging her for some more help with the money.

Meghan then slammed her dad for going after Harry, who had apparently only been ‘patient and kind’ about the whole thing.

The lengthy letter also insisted that her older half-sister Samantha had been trying to ruin her image in the press.

The lies were ‘manufactured by your other daughter, who I barely know…You watched me silently suffer at the hand of her vicious lies, I crumbled inside,' she writes.

Finally, Meghan begs her dad to ‘please stop’ lying and ‘exploiting [her] relationship with [her] husband’ if he really loves her as he claims in interviews.

As for releasing the letter, Thomas claimed that at first, he wanted to keep it private out of ‘respect’ for his daughter but after fake reports on what it may contain, he decided to make it public.

In response, Thomas insisted that all he wants now is to meet his daughter face to face and move forward from the whole family drama.

And also, take a picture together for the world to see?! Ok, then.

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