Meghan Markle Fans Accuse Prince Charles Of Not Defending Meghan Against 'Racist' Attacks

Meghan Markle Fans Accuse Prince Charles Of Not Defending Meghan Against 'Racist' Attacks
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Prince Charles has become yet another celebrity who's now taking criticism for the way he has handled delicate political issues. As most know, Hollywood and the entertainment industry has continuously backed the idea of racial equality and social justice before and after the Black Lives Matter protests that started shortly after quarantine.

This Monday, the Instagram page for Clarence House, that belonging to the 71-year-old royal, Prince Charles, released a speech online in which Prince Charles commemorated Windrush Day. The idea behind the day is to celebrate when Caribbean immigrants moved to the British nation back in 1948.

During the speech, the Prince praised the diversity of the United Kingdom, saying that much of the nation's strength was its diversity. He said it gives the people of the United Kingdom a lot to be proud of and much to celebrate.

Even though the Prince's speech was on-point and obviously well-intentioned, many people online accused the Prince of not doing enough to protect his daughter-in-law from the alleged racism Meghan Markle experienced when she entered the royal family.

People on Twitter took issue with Prince Charles' speech, arguing that he should've done more to defend Meghan Markle from the British media. The user added, "people who live in glass castles should not throw stones."

Another person went on to say that Prince Charles is merely uttering moral platitudes to please the people he associates with. More importantly, the social media user added, Prince Charles supposedly did nothing as Meghan Markle was "crucified" by the media.

Social media users continued to make such comments, arguing that Prince Charles' supposed complacency regarding Meghan Markle's treatment at the behest of the media was "disgraceful" and a sign of his hypocrisy.

In the past, Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, who also happens to be Prince Charles' son, argued that the media's perception of her definitely had "racial overtones."

As it was previously reported, Meghan Markle, including the Prince, was excoriated by the press when they first got married. Following Prince Andrew's Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Meghan and Harry left the family and moved to Canada before settling in Los Angeles.

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