Meghan Markle Excited To Teach The Royals About Thanksgiving And Celebrate With Them!

Meghan Markle Excited To Teach The Royals About Thanksgiving And Celebrate With Them!

According to new insider reports, Meghan Markle is super excited to spend Thanksgiving with the Royals and show her new family how Americans celebrate this holiday. She is supposedly determined to tell them all about ‘turkey day.’

Despite the historical background that may make this awkward, since the Pilgrims left England to flee religious persecution and moved to America, Meghan is allegedly still excited to teach the Royal Family all about Thanksgiving.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘As the birth of her first child approaches she feels like it is important to hold onto and pass down her heritage while embracing her new life in the UK at the same time. Therefore, starting with her very first holiday as a Royal, she's determined to share with Harry some of her favorite traditions.’

And apparently, the younger of the two British princes is all for it!

Besides, as the source explains, it’s in his best interest to be supportive about celebrating Thanksgiving since his wife loves to bake and is very good at it.

Usually, the insider shares, she makes delicious vegan pumpkin pies for the special day.

Furthermore, she also proved she was great at cooking the traditional turkey back in 2016 before becoming a royal.

Meghan took to social media at the time to post a pic of her and a turkey getting grilled, sharing that she felt the pressure to make the ‘perfect turkey’ again.

Another source went on to tell the outlet that ‘Another one of her biggest Thanksgiving traditions is volunteering, usually by serving meals to those less fortunate. Meghan is very big on service all year but even more at the holidays and she absolutely will be passing that down to her little one.’


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