Meghan Markle Encouraged By Her Family To Get To Making Babies With Prince Harry 'Right Away!'

Meghan Markle Encouraged By Her Family To Get To Making Babies With Prince Harry 'Right Away!'

We have learned that Meghan Markle’s family would really like if she and Prince Harry would get to making babies right away following their May wedding! One source close to the American actress’ loved ones revealed all about their wishes.

The former Suits actress and Prince Harry have just announced their engagement, and while most of us think that walking down the aisle in late spring is a bit too soon, Meghan’s family is already thinking of the next milestone in the couple’s life.

‘Meghan‘s family’s encouraging her to have babies with Prince Harry right away. Everyone close to her’s blown away by the romantic idea that a strong, confident, woman from Los Angeles will be entering into the Royal family. Since the moment the news of the engagement broke, Meghan’s been pressured by her family and friends to get pregnant right away,’ the insider confessed.

The snitch went on to claim that Markle’s mother especially wants to become a royal grandmother ASAP!

‘Her mom, Doria, feels like Meghan’s stunning, Harry’s handsome and they will make gorgeous babies together. Doria wants to be a grandmother to a beautiful royal baby as soon as possible!’

Meanwhile, we’ve also found out that Meghan and Kate Middleton are best friends already!

That being said, we are sure that Harry and Meghan’s future kids will be very close to Princess Charlotte and Prince George – two and four years old respectively!

As for whether or not the royal couple’s nuptials will be televised, we are not yet sure.

However, seeing how they want to involve the public in their romance, it most likely will be.

Do you believe Meghan and Harry should start having kids right after tying the knot?


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