Meghan Markle Called A ‘Fat Lady’ By Another Woman - Check Out Her Hilarious Reaction!

Meghan Markle Called A ‘Fat Lady’ By Another Woman - Check Out Her Hilarious Reaction!
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As you know, Meghan Markle is expecting her and Prince Harry’s first child together, and since she is six months along, her baby bump is showing quite a lot these days. That being said, when someone called her a ‘fat lady,’ the Duchess had the perfect response and definitely did not get offended.

It looks like Meghan has a great sense of humor.

The former actress proved it while she was visiting animal charity, Mayhew yesterday.

The Duchess was wearing a nude H&M dress that hugged her belly as well as an Armani coat and a pair of pumps.

While there, one woman who was helped by a therapy animal shook Meghan’s hand and told her: ‘Lovely lady, you are! May the good Lord always bless you. And you’re a fat lady!’

The last part was added as she pointed to her baby bump.

Check out the hilarious moment here!

Unfortunately, Markle had her back turned to the camera at the time, so it did not capture her immediate reaction, but it was still gold when she laughed and said ‘I’ll take it,’ as she then moved on to the next person in line, waiting for handshakes.

The royal is not at all fat, but the belly seems to be getting bigger and bigger as the days pass and her spring due date is approaching.

Either way, the woman’s comment was very funny and somehow quite adorable, and it seems like Meghan agreed.

Meghan has not been trying to hide how pregnant she is getting either since she rocks fashionable and form-hugging dresses lately, putting her bump on display proudly while out in public.


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