Meghan Markle Announces Retirement From Acting Following Engagement To Prince Harry

Meghan Markle Announces Retirement From Acting Following Engagement To Prince Harry
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Meghan Markle is retiring from the small and big screen! Not long after Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, Meghan revealed she would leave her acting career for good. The 36-year-old Suits star said she is looking forward to putting her former job to bed for awhile.

She said in a joint statement with the Royal Family member, "I think what's been so exciting is transitioning out of my career and into, as you said, the causes I can focus even more energy on."

Her fiancé, Prince Harry, said, "there's a lot to do." Despite the fact some people may criticize her decision to leave her acting career behind, Markle doesn't look at it as giving up but heading down a new path in her life.

Markle worked as a UN ambassador in the past and studied International Relations as well. She said, "I see it is a new change, a new chapter." Meghan explained she worked on Suits for seven years and is fortunate it lasted so long. However, now, it's time to move on.

Sources close to Meghan say, "Markle is so happy to take on the next chapter of her life like this. She loved acting, but it's time to start something else."

"She is conscientious and brilliant, so I'm sure we will continue to see her, except not on the small screen anymore." Palace officials confirmed on Monday they are, in fact, engaged and will marry in the Spring of 2018.

Celebrity Insider reported earlier in the week that Markle packed her bags in Toronto and moved to London, England. However, officials at the Buckingham Palace said they wouldn't comment on the veracity of those stories.

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