Meghan Markle And The Queen Reportedly Get Along After All

Meghan Markle And The Queen Reportedly Get Along After All
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Reported first by Page Six, the Queen and Meghan Markle are reportedly getting along pretty well, despite some reports to the contrary. David Starkey, a historian, recently wrote that the Queen made Harry and Meghan the ambassadors for the Commonwealth, which, according to him, "is the only thing that the Queen cares about."

However, even though his review of her was quite positive, Starkey claimed Meghan's past as a TV star in America is a demerit in the opinion of the Royal Family. David claims Meghan has a sense of entitlement from being a Hollywood star.

While comparing Princess Diana and Meghan Markle, Starkey said to the outlet that there were some similarities between the Princess and Meghan. Starkey insinuated that perhaps the similarities between the two women is precisely what attracted Harry to Meghan.

Starkey said to Eden that it's almost as if he married his very own mother, adding that Princess Diana acted as if she was born in California, USA.

Moreover, Starkey also discussed the media scandal this past year when Prince Harry and Meghan were criticized for the use of a private jet during the summer months. Critics accused Prince Harry and Meghan of being hypocrites, as both of them are devoted to environmental concerns and climate change.

Starkey compared Meghan to every other Hollywood celebrity, adding that nearly all of them fly around in private jets, so she's no different than any other. Reportedly, Meghan and the Prince are hoping that their next trip to Africa with their 5-month-old child will help with their image.

This past week, Ingrid Seward said to reporters from Vanity Fair that it's going to take more than a few trips to silence their vociferous critics.

Earlier this year, the Prince and the Duchess came under attack online again after reports from The Sun claimed they had implemented stringent rules on some of their neighbors, including not allowing neighbors to talk to them, or even uttering pleasantries such as "good morning." However, later, a representative released a statement on their behalf saying such rules were never put in place.

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