Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Unfollow Prince William And Kate Middleton - Here's Why!

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Unfollow Prince William And Kate Middleton - Here's Why!
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Megan Markle and Prince Harry no longer follow the other royal couple on Instagram! It looks like their follow list on their joint account does not include Prince William and Kate Middleton anymore

In fact, a few more members of the royal family are no longer being followed by them and that includes the Queen as well!

In other words, while Harry and Meghan used to follow 23 people, the already exclusive list now includes only 16.

The other accounts they are not checking anymore are Clarence House (Prince Charles and Camilla), Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, The Royal Family (that includes Queen Elizabeth and others)… as well as William and Kate’s official IG account - Kensington Palace.

Given the fact that this happened amid rumors that Meghan and Harry don’t have the best of relationships with William and Kate at this time, it seems like them unfollowing the other couple had nothing to do with that.

It’s nothing personal and that is actually the point! No longer will they use their account for anything other than professional purposes which is why family is off the list.

The two explained that they would be using the account to ‘promote mental well being, mental fitness, body positivity, self care, and the importance of human connection’ for the entire month since May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, and Meghan is American.

Furthermore, the U.K.’s version is shorter, Mental Health Awareness Week, but still in May (May 13 to 19.)

That being said, it seems like every month, they will be changing their follow list to reflect the causes they will be focusing on at that time.

As for the feud rumors, one source previously told HollywoodLife that ‘They have had disagreements on small things, as any close brothers do, but Meghan’s pregnancy, along with Harry and Meghan’s move to a new home [Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage], have given them healthier space, bringing the brothers closer together. They have a strong, special bond, as do their wives, and everything is awesome in the family.’


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