Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Opt For Some Romantic Alone Time To Celebrate His Birthday

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Opt For Some Romantic Alone Time To Celebrate His Birthday
Source: Pop Sugar

Prince Harry has a birthday coming up on September 15th, and he and his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, decided to celebrate early. Because she is scheduled to work in Toronto on the actual day, the couple celebrated the Prince's 33rd birthday this past weekend with some quiet, alone time.

The pair spent the romantic, birthday weekend in London. However, that’s not the only time they have spent together recently. Markle has reportedly been seen quite a bit at Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s 2-bedroom house on the palace grounds.

The couple had been very quiet about their year long relationship until Markle just recently spoke for the first time in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair. She said the two were “a couple and in love.” The Suits actress also said that now is the time for just the two of them, which is why they have kept a low profile.

Meghan Markle, 36, also said that there would be a day when the couple will present themselves and tell their story. That day may be coming sooner, rather than later. The palace is reportedly preparing Markle for her first public appearance with her royal boyfriend.

The couple will be attending the Invictus games in Toronto on September 23rd.

Royal insiders are claiming that an official engagement announcement is just around the corner, and it is being organized by the Queen herself.

When Markle does officially become part of the Royal family, friends say she will still be very independent and work on things that are important to her.

A source close to Markle said she doesn’t want to be a “lady who lunches.” She's got brains, as well as beauty. The actress is a graduate of Northwestern University who speaks fluent Spanish and conversational French. In the past, Markle also worked at the US Embassy in Argentina.

When she spoke with Elle magazine last year, before she was the girlfriend of a prince, she said she doesn’t want her fame to go to waste. Markle wants to do some good with her Hollywood success and to fight for causes that she believes in.

If the rumors are true, and a wedding is in the near future , Meghan Markle will have enormous opportunity to make a difference and work on the causes that are close to her heart.


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