Meghan Markle Absolutely Curtsied After Twitter Freaks Out That She Ignored Queen Elizabeth And Royal Protocol

Meghan Markle Absolutely Curtsied After Twitter Freaks Out That She Ignored Queen Elizabeth And Royal Protocol
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There were a lot of times during last Saturday’s royal wedding when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle strayed from tradition, but not properly greeting Queen Elizabeth wasn’t one of them. Royal watchers erupted on Twitter after it appeared that Markle failed to curtsy Her Majesty — but a camera mistake failed to capture the pivotal moment.

Fans watching the wedding were quick to notice that cameras didn’t catch Markle’s curtsy towards the Queen. Cameras panned wide when Markle curtsied, and quite a few fans voiced their shock on social media. Turns out, the camera crew just made a huge mistake in the coverage and panned at the exact moment Markle curtsied the Queen.

Formally greeting the Queen is one tradition members of the royal family don’t break, especially during an event as important as a royal wedding. According to Daily Mail , royal staff members trained Markle in proper etiquette in the months leading up to the wedding, including a lesson on the family’s long-held traditions.

This would have undoubtedly included how to greet heads of states and dignitaries and how to carry herself during public engagements. Not curtsying the Queen would have been a major gaffe, but thankfully Markle got it right.

Harry and Markle officially tied the knot Saturday afternoon in what turned out to be an emotional ceremony inside St. George’s Chapel. After sealing their marriage with an affectionate kiss, the newlyweds enjoyed a carriage ride through Windsor followed by a reception in Prince Charles’ honor.

The wedding ceremony featured over 600 guests, including over 30 members of the royal family. Some of the more famous celebrities that attending included Oprah Winfrey, George and Amal Clooney, Sir Elton John — who performed at Princess Diana’s funeral — and Serena Williams.

Harry and Markle traveled home after the wedding was over to get a jump start their royal duties for the year. Markle, who was given the title the Duchess of Sussex after the wedding, also got her own page on the royal family’s website.

The page highlights Markle’s feminist advocacy and hints at the different causes she will take on as an official member of the royal family. The site compliments Markle as having a “keen awareness of social issues” and praises her past charitable work in soup kitchens in Los Angeles and Toronto.

The only thing missing from Meghan Markle’s big day was her father, Thomas Markle, who could not attend the wedding due to health reasons.


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