Meghan King Edmonds Says She's 'Sick' Of The Abuse That She Endured During Marriage To Jim

Meghan King Edmonds Says She's 'Sick' Of The Abuse That She Endured During Marriage To Jim
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According to a report from, Meghan King Edmonds is fighting back against Jim Edmonds in the midst of their very problematic divorce, in which the MLB star has been accused of sleeping with one of their nannies.

On Monday, The Real Housewives Of Orange County alum said she felt as though the 49-year-old reality star was continuing with abusive behavior by discussing her in the media. The 35-year-old, during a conversation with Us Weekly, stated that when he gave a "nice" interview just a couple of days ago, she felt as though he was "speaking for me."

Meghan claims since the interview came out, she hasn't received a single text message from him and they haven't spoken to each other on the phone either. Of course, Meghan is referencing a statement Jim released last week in which he claimed he wanted to right some wrongs with Meghan.

In a blog post written by Meghan, she accused Jim of partying and drinking with many "younger women," including a few of their baby-sitters. Moreover, she claims that Jim wasn't "slowing down," and she didn't want to deal with such abuse anymore.

Meghan, in her post, claims she and Jim are not actually working on their marriage together at all, and she felt as though Jim was merely trying to manipulate the narrative to his benefit while excluding her real feelings on the topic.

Moreover, Meghan pointed out that Jim was the one to call off their marriage through filing the divorce papers after she got in his face over Jim reportedly taking Carly Wilson, their childcare provider, to a hockey game.

The police were subsequently called during a fight one evening. In response to the allegation that he was sleeping with their nanny, Jim stated the 22-year-old Wilson was like their "own child."

The reality star explained that her husband had seven kids so she doesn't see why he would hire a childcare provider to act as another child, because he already had enough, before going on to say that clearly, her man was crossing the professional boundaries by even referring to an employee as their "own child."

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