Meghan King Edmonds Says She Was 'Barely Hanging On By A Thread' Amid Trauma From Her Divorce

Meghan King Edmonds Says She Was 'Barely Hanging On By A Thread' Amid Trauma From Her Divorce
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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds has been through it during the last year. From her own health issues and her son’s diagnosis of minor periventricular leukomalacia on both sides of his brain to her nasty divorce, Edmonds has dealt with her share of “trauma,” and she recently opened up about it in a blog post titled “Release.”

Four months after splitting from former Major League Baseball player Jim Edmonds, the 35-year-old wrote that trauma affects all of us at some point in time. But for some, it all seems to bear down at once.

Edmonds says she has learned to cope with what she calls ‘Emotional Releases.” She explained that some days she is “barely hanging on by a thread” and some moments she can’t breathe. There are even some days when she gets into bed and it feels like it’s vibrating, but it’s not. Edmonds is shaking.

She admits that she doesn’t like having moments of loss, panic, and utter despair, so she has tried not to feel them at all. Edmonds says that all intense feelings are time-consuming, and we relish in the good ones and hide from the ones that hurt.

“Your brain has emotional pain, yet you are allowing it sit there and fester in the hidden caverns of your mind,” wrote Edmonds. “It has nowhere to go despite its need to be released: your pain releases in physical ways so we learn to PAY ATTENTION.”

Edmonds said she read a book titled The Mindbody Prescription by Dr. John Sarno, which helped her get off her meds and feel in control of her health. She says that she is sure she will live to be at least 100 years old and will be a “healthy, vibrant old woman until the day I die,” as long as she always does her “Emotional Releases.”

The mom-of-three went on to explain exactly how she does it, which includes writing down everything that makes her angry and then letting it go. She says after doing this regularly for several months, she was equipped to handle all of the trauma in her life.

Meghan King-Edmonds says she now knows the power of her mind, and her “Emotional Releases” have evolved and are now followed by a long prayer of gratitude and affirmations. She admits she is still a work in progress, and she says the best coping mechanism is to give it up to God and to refuse to carry anger.

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