Meghan King Edmonds Goes Off On Troll Who Accuses Her Of Playing The Victim Amid Divorce From Jim Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds Goes Off On Troll Who Accuses Her Of Playing The Victim Amid Divorce From Jim Edmonds
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds has continued to give fans regular updates on social media about her life as a mom of three after her surprise split from Jim Edmonds. But after she shared a lengthy post on Instagram about her hectic Christmas morning, one troll decided to call her out for playing the victim in her divorce.

On Christmas, Meghan posted pics of her kids Aspen, 3, Hart, 1, and Hayes, 1, opening their presents. And in the caption, Meghan wrote that Christmas morning was full of joy and laughter, but it started with oversleeping because she had a toddler in her bed and that prevented her from checking her alarm.

Meghan explained that her alarm volume was at zero, which caused her to oversleep by an hour-and-a-half and her twin boys were screaming. She ranted about being up until 2 a.m. because she had to build a new playroom and putting her pre-made casseroles in the oven 1.5 hours later than she planned.

She also forgot to cook a special syrup, but she still needed to brush her teeth and hair. And, the entire family was already there. Meghan didn’t stop there, as she shared that she stressed out over her kids not seeing the “big gift” right away, and not having breakfast ready for her family like she had promised.

"All whist 3 terrorists parasitically demand their milk with full diapers awaiting my changing. Christmas, such a magical holiday. 🌟 Btw I think many moms can relate, right?” wrote Meghan.

After reading Meghan’s lengthy post, one troll wrote that the 35-year-old thrives on being a victim. They explained that Meghan puts a ridiculous amount on her plate, then posts about it so she can look like a hero to everyone.

“Jim and Haley were 100% spot on about your narcissism. Yes, we get it. Mom's have it tough sometimes. Especially those who don't have nanny's and a gaggle of help at their fingertips.Try being humble and not always posting..."hey look how fab I am"! 🙄” wrote the skeptic.

Meghan immediately fired back, pointing out that the troll had zero posts and zero followers, and then she added that the troll apparently started an Instagram account so he they could “spew bad vibes on a holiday.”

Meghan continued, writing that even if the troll believed what they said, where was their empathy? She explained that this has been the hardest time in her life, and she is a victim in many ways. She asked if that made her a narcissist, and then agreed that she has taken on too much and she has emotionally paid for it.

However, Meghan King Edmonds says it has less to do with narcissism and more to do with overcompensating “in an attempt to pretend the life I thought I’d have isn’t crumbling around me.”

She finished up by saying that she was both complaining and venting, and if she sounds like a whiny victim it’s because she is. Meghan said she needed more coddling right now and wasn’t too proud to admit it.

“This diatribe isn’t for you, it’s for me. I’m working through things,” said Meghan.


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