Meghan King Edmonds Complains That She's 'Going Crazy' With Three Kids During California Stay-At-Home Order, Says It Feels Like 'House Arrest'

Meghan King Edmonds Complains That She's 'Going Crazy' With Three Kids During California Stay-At-Home Order, Says It Feels Like 'House Arrest'
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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds just got real on her blog about life in quarantine with three small children. The 35-year-old wrote a candid post about her struggles with being a single mom of Aspen, 3, and twins Hayes and Hart, 2 - amid her divorce from Jim Edmonds - during the COVID-19 lockdown in California.

Meghan started her post titled “Diary of a Single Mom in Quarantine…& It’s Not Pretty” with a warning that it had been written by an exhausted mother of three who has been locked in her home for nine weeks. She said that the state’s stay-at-home order feels like “house arrest” in a “lonely, soul-sucking, get-me-out-of-here-I’m-going-crazy” kind of way.

The reality star said that she can’t even talk to people who claim to be enjoying their time in lockdown and are making the best of it. She says that even though she loves her “beautiful and spacious” home and she is “lucky” to live there, it’s difficult taking care of three small kids by herself.

She says that she doesn’t have a yard or an enclosed, outdoor space for her kids to run and play to burn off their toddler energy, and it’s causing her to go crazy. Edmonds says that it’s “really hard” to be a working mom who is going through a messy, public divorce, while taking care of three small children.

“I forgot what silence sounds like. My kids scream non-stop. They can’t verbally communicate well, even though cognitively they know what they want,” the blogger wrote. “And my house doesn’t have carpet — so there is nothing to muffle the sounds as they reverberate off every wall. There is nowhere to hide from the constant screaming. Not even the bathroom is safe. Try to pee in silence, let alone listen to yourself think … never mind, don’t waste your precious energy.”

Meghan and Jim Edmonds suddenly split last October after five years of marriage when she accused him of cheating with one of their nannies. Both Jim and the nanny denied the claim, but Jim filed for divorce and they split.

In the Mother’s Day episode of her Intimate Knowledge podcast, Meghan introduced herself as “Meghan King” and officially dropped Jim’s last name. She said that celebrating the holiday for the first time as a single mom wasn’t easy and she wasn’t looking forward to it.

Meghan King Edmonds said that being quarantined with three screaming toddlers for nine weeks while trying to work at the same time hasn’t been the “prime environment” for her to feel like she’s been earning any mother-of-the-year awards.


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