Meghan King Edmonds Comes Back To RHOC And Gets Involved In A Hilarious Scene!

Meghan King Edmonds Comes Back To RHOC And Gets Involved In A Hilarious Scene!
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In order to attend Shannon Beador's birthday bash, Meghan King Edmonds had to also be back on the Real Housewives of Orange County! That being said, along with her return, the show also got one of the funniest scenes in a long time and it was not even hilarious on purpose!

Somehow, Meghan ended up involved in the drama between Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter!

The two women, who joined the show in season 13, started season 14 as best of friends but that did not last for a long time.

The reason why they started to the feud is that Emily attempted to set Gina up with a relative of her husband Shane, who turned out to not be single!

Naturally, Gina was upset so from then on, the viewers were able to keep up with the beef that took over their initial friendship.

During the latest RHOC episode, Emily opened up to Meghan and continued even as they went to a public bathroom in which there were many other women as well!

In the bathroom is also where Emily confronted Gina.

‘I tried to do something nice, it did not work out. No harm no foul. You did not go out on a date, it is not like you were emotionally invested in him and then found out, ‘Hello!'’ Emily shared with Meghan.

‘I'm just going to tell you this…I just met Meghan. I'd never bring her into my business. You should not get involved in any of our business,’ Gina clapped back with Emily and Meghan both there as the ladies were trying to go to the bathroom.

But since Gina and Emily were not on the show when Meghan was still part of the cast, Gina reacted in the confessional, saying: ‘Who the f**k is Meghan?! I just met this girl and you are going to spill your guts to her in the bathroom?’

But the former friends continued to fight as Meghan finally excused herself to go do her business.

What was really funny is that at some point, Gina started to also tell her woes to Meghan even after screaming at Emily for doing just that.


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