Megan Thee Stallion Updated Fans On What's Been Going On With Legal Battle Against Her Label

Megan Thee Stallion Updated Fans On What's Been Going On With Legal Battle Against Her Label
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Megan Thee Stallion is currently facing a battle many artists are entangled in. She is trying to renegotiate the terms of her contract with her label who was trying to stop her from putting out any new music.

Megan signed a deal when she was only 20-years-old. The problem with the contract is that the label gets most of her profit and she has to pay for nearly everything it takes to be an artist and tour out of her portion of the pay.

After revealing her woes to fans on Instagram, she gathered a legal team who put a temporary restraining order in place for label head Carl Crawford which allows her to release her new project titled Suga on Friday.

Carl and Houston legend J Prince have both been very vocal about Megan's claims. Crawford tried to challenge the judge's restraining order to no avail.


Now that it is solidified that she can release new music tomorrow, Megan took to Instagram to update her fan base on what's going on.

She shared a gorgeous photo of herself alongside a caption that read: ' FACTS ARE FACTS AND THE FACTS ARE PUBLIC ‼️ I’m extremely pleased that 1501 and Carl Crawford were denied the request to dissolve the Court order and try to stop my music from being released. I will proceed with the release of “SUGA”. On Friday March 6, To be clear,I will stand up for myself and won’t allow two men to bully me, I am NO ONES PROPERTY. Y’all are choosing to highlight the issue of music about everything else. This has nothing to do with anyone else including JAY-Z, stop deflecting and trying to make this a publicity stunt, I want my rights, The facts are; 1. 1501 doesn’t want to approve my budget to put out my project that the court is allowing to be released. 2. 1501 tried to stop my release, I prevailed in court 3. 1501 tried to fight the decision today, the court denied 1501’s request🤷🏽‍♀️ respect my deceased mother, she’s not here, you don’t know her, you weren’t involved, Carl should speak for himself, All the facts are public record available at the courthouse in Houston.'

This is only a small victory for the rapper. Hopefully, the artist and label could come to some kind of an agreement that benefits both parties.

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