Megan Thee Stallion Drops New Track 'Shots Fired' In Which She Blasts Tory Lanez

Megan Thee Stallion Drops New Track 'Shots Fired' In Which She Blasts Tory Lanez
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Megan Thee Stallion has a new album in stores now, Good News, and the star has been promoting it for months now. The rapper has released a number of huge songs ever since the start of her career, including "Savage" and "Hot Girl Summer."

And while her career has continued to explode, Megan was in the headlines in a big way when she was apparently shot by Tory Lanez , a Toronto rapper.

As the story goes, Megan and Tory got into an argument at a house party one night over Kylie Jenner, and when Megan tried to get out of the vehicle, Tory fired gunshots at her feet. Variety reported on the new track from Megan today, "Shots Fired," in which the rapper told her side of the story of what happened.

Thus far, it's not clear what really went down between them because law enforcement hasn't revealed anything official. Either way, the first song to come as part of her new record was "Shots Fired," and it set the stage for the next part of her feud with Lanez.

According to Variety, the song came out on Thursday night, and while she never identified Tory directly in it, it's pretty clear she was referring to him. In addition to reflecting on the incident, Megan made fun of the rapper's height in the song, which was revealed as 5'3" following his arrest.

Megan Thee Stallion is 5'10," making her obviously much taller than him. As for Lanez's response to the charges, the rapper pled not guilty through his attorney earlier in the week, and he's due back in court in January.

Tory has been in the headlines a few times over the last few weeks, although, rarely for a good reason. Tory released an Instagram Livestream this past month in which he addressed the controversy in a long-winded video.


Megan never responded to it directly, but she did take to her Twitter to say that "this n*gga is crazy." Tory also released his response to the media controversy via a Soundcloud album, Daystar. The decision was mocked in the hip-hop community with many critics arguing that he was trying to "capitalize" on the situation.


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