Megan Fox Clears Things Up About Her Working Relationship With Director Michael Bay, Says He Never 'Preyed Upon' Her

Megan Fox Clears Things Up About Her Working Relationship With Director Michael Bay, Says He Never 'Preyed Upon' Her
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After a 2009 interview resurfaced on social media that featured Megan Fox talking to Jimmy Kimmel about a scene she shot for the Michael Bay-directed movie Bad Boys II , the actress has posted a lengthy statement on Instagram to clarify her working relationship with the director.

Fox admits that she has had some “harrowing experiences” during her career in Hollywood, but none of them were Bay’s fault.In the resurfaced video, Fox tells Kimmel that she had to wear a “stars and stripes bikini” with six-inch heels.

Around the same time as that interview, Jason Solomon - The Guardian’s film critic - reported that Fox told him she auditioned for Transformers at Bay’s home. And, he also claimed Bay allegedly made Fox “wash his Ferrari while he filmed her.”

In her Instagram post, Fox started by explaining that she was aware of a discussion that had erupted online about some of her Hollywood experiences, and the subsequent mishandling of the information by the media and society in general.

The mom-of-three told her 8.8 million followers that she appreciated the outpouring of support, but she also felt the need to clarify some of the details because they have been lost in the retelling of events. Fox also claimed that these events had been cast in a “sinister shadow,” and that isn’t accurate.

Fox explained that she was around 15 or 16 when she was an extra for Bad Boys II , and there are multiple interviews where she shares an anecdote about being chosen for the scene. She also wanted to make it clear that she was 19 or 20 when she auditioned for Transformers.

“I did ‘work’ (me pretending to know how to hold a wrench) on one of Michael’s Ferrari’s during one of the audition scenes,” wrote Fox. “It was at the Platinum Dunes studio parking lot, there were several other crew members and employees present and I was at no point undressed or anything similar.”

She went on to say that she was not underage at the time, and she was not made to wash or work on someone’s car in a way that was extraneous from the material in the actual script. Fox hopes that whatever opinions her fans form about these episodes will be “seeded in the facts of the events.”

As fans know, Fox ended up landing the role opposite Shia LaBeouf in Transformers , and she thanked her fans for their support. However, she explained that the stories about her and Bay are inconsequential compared to the “long and arduous journey along which I have endured some genuinely harrowing experiences in a ruthlessly misogynistic industry.”

Fox did admit that there are many names that deserve to go viral during cancel culture, but they are safely stored in her heart.

Megan Fox wrapped up her statement by saying that when it comes to her direct experiences with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, she was “never assaulted or preyed upon in what I felt was a sexual manner.”

Even though Fox made it clear there was no sexual misconduct, she has said in the past that Bay is incredibly difficult to work for. She described him as being a “nightmare” on set, but when he isn’t in “director mode,” she enjoys his personality because he is “so hopelessly awkward.”

Megan Fox recently split from her husband of ten years, Beverly Hills 90210 alum Brian Austin Green, and she is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly.

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