Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Have Met Each Other's Kids And Are More Serious Than Ever!

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Have Met Each Other's Kids And Are More Serious Than Ever!
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Things between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are evolving at a really high speed and it doesn’t seem like they are planning to slow down any time soon! The new couple has apparently already met each other’s kids and now that that’s happened, they are even more serious about their relationship!

That’s right! After introducing their young ones to each other, one insider report claims to know that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are ready to ‘elevate things to the next level.’

The source told HollywoodLife that MGK met Megan’s three boys and it went ‘really great,’ and the same can be said of when she met his daughter as well!

Not only that but, the insider mentioned that Machine Gun Kelly has also met Megan’s ex husband, Brian Austin Green who he knew before they started dating.

The source went on to share with the same news outlet that the actress and the singer are ‘getting very serious and seem to want to elevate things to the next level at some point. They don’t do anything without the other these days. They’re that connected. They have a lot of physical chemistry and passion when they’re together. He’s always making her laugh.'

‘He’s a comedian in his own right and a super sweet guy, and she loves that about him. A lot of people don’t realize how funny he actually is. MGK worships the ground that Megan walks on, and he’d do anything for her. Things are moving very fast between them.’

As you might know, the two started their romance in May of this year and since they made it public and official, they have been making their love very obvious all over social media but also in public and in their joint projects!

After all, they are even filming a movie together at the moment!

Furthermore, Machine Gun Kelly previously confessed that he was not even sure he believed love was real until he met Megan!

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