Meet Growing Up Hip-Hop Star Romeo Miller's New Girlfriend

Meet Growing Up Hip-Hop Star Romeo Miller's New Girlfriend

Romeo Miller is officially dating a new girl, and he's not shy about showing her off all over Instagram! The actor, athlete, musician, and reality star who plays a starring role on the series, Growing Up Hip-Hop, is now dating a biracial model with the name of Kiana Alexis.

Kiana isn't the typical model.

She has demonstrated great ambition and fortitude throughout her life, considering at one point in her life, she was unfit.

However, with a lot of work and dedication, she became a successful fashion model.

Alexis works in the fashion industry now and is widely known on the social media platform for her healthy lifestyle.

The model often mentions her struggle with weight loss throughout her posts and admits to being made fun of and teased when she was a young child.

Since then, she has learned to incorporate a healthier diet as well as a fitness routine into her lifestyle.

Take a look at the post below:

With that said, if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that the couple isn't afraid to show public displays of affection, and you know what?

We don't even mind. Good for them!

As for what Miller is up to these days, he's busy working on his music career, as the Growing Up Hip Hop star released his mixtape, Fighting Monsters, in January of 2016.

He's even delved into the world of philanthropy.

The reality star donated the proceeds of one of his mixtapes to charity. Romeo has also worked as a fashion model, played basketball at the college level, and worked in television and film. He's a busy man, to say the least.

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