Meek Mill's Recent Message Has Fans Saying He Misses Nicki Minaj

Meek Mill's Recent Message Has Fans Saying He Misses Nicki Minaj
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Meek Mill shared a message that had his fans thinking that he's missing Nicki Minaj. Check out Meek's recent thoughts that had fans talking.

Someone said: 'If you miss Nicki just say that,' and another follower posted this message: 'Imagine pushing out a whole baby for a dude just to see him say this.'

A follower posted: 'When you see a girl with the love of her life who doesn't abuse her does it hurt?'

Someone else said: 'He so obsessed with Nicki💀 he shoulda just treated her right the first time.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Had a whole revenge baby and still in love with past. That’s how they do!!'

Someone else wrote: 'it doesn’t matter who he’s referring to. what’s annoying is we will never know ...but we do know he just had a baby with a beautiful woman... again we will never know but as a celebrity, some things just shouldn’t be said bc you’re leaving the public to assume, and it’s embarrassing. ugh.'

A commenter said: 'To be a Taurus, he sure does a care lot about stuff most of us don’t gaf about.'

One other follower posted this: 'I can relate.. I miss my homegirl from math class. She used to do my work for me and I really secretly always had a crush on her you know. Maybe she felt the same, that's why she did my work. But I was so green I never hopped on the opportunity to speak to her. Now I saw her pregnant, I seen her have kids, probably even seen her get married and I still have that same love for her when I see her in the slightest. Even though she got a kid, and I usually don't feel this way. But I'm always happy for her and glad to see that she's happy. I just wished that if the circumstances were right. That she fell into my hands.'

Meek Mill  has some words for DJ Akademics , and these two exchanged some pretty rough messages on Twitter.

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