Meek Mill Tries To Check Nicki Minaj's Social Media Page And Gets Nasty Surprise

Meek Mill Tries To Check Nicki Minaj's Social Media Page And Gets Nasty Surprise
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Like the rest of the world, Meek Mill wanted to see the pictures of Nicki Minaj's new boyfriend, but he had a nasty surprise waiting for him.

Minaj debuted her new man named Kenneth Petty on social media last week. The pair was living their best lives as Nicki celebrated her birthday.

Meek had a Q&A session on social media where one fan asked him, how does he feel about Nicki's new romance?

Meek said he wanted to take a look at Kenneth's pictures but learned that Nicki had blocked him.

The artist wrote via Twitter: "I don’t feel nothing ... and I don’t know that man to judge him ... I went to check him out on her page and found out I was blocked."

Some fans call Nicki petty while others said she had the right to block her ex because she is busy having a good time with her new beau.

One person replied: "Because he didn’t even know he was blocked so, therefore, he wasn’t constantly on her page as if he still had feelings for her. Wow, she's a grudge holder. So she blocked @meekmill @champagnepapi and @iamsafaree I wonder if she block @nas lol. But the whole world was ? is he wrong for wanting to see too?? I’m confused."

Another commenter had this to say: "She got introduced to real now she doesn’t like lames ??‍♂️What goes around comes around so take it as it comes because u deserve to be blocked as u went behind discriminating Safaree for Nicki to love u, so it's a Karma. The real question is...Why was you gone go to her page to check him out, Meek?"

This supporter wrote: "Good for her as she should, besides why does he even care about who she’s with and what’s she’s doing anyway. She blocked him and moved on with her life, and now that’s an issue? All of you people need help. You can’t honestly have that much hate for someone you don’t even know.I’m sorry but if I’m not concerned with someone else’s man I wouldn’t even waste my time to go look at them."

Meek is still thinking a bit about his ex.

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