Meek Mill Responds To Trey Songz's Challenge To Donate More To His Community And Things Get Heated!

Meek Mill Responds To Trey Songz's Challenge To Donate More To His Community And Things Get Heated!
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Trey Songz accused Meek Mill of not donating to charity despite having the means to. However, Meek is actually very proud of always giving back to his community so he did not waste much time before clapping back at the other artist.

According to Trey Songz , Meek Mill needs to use more of his wealth to help out his hometown of Philadelphia but the latter claims that he's already done more than enough!

It all started with the rapper sharing a pic of him shirtless and holding a huge stack of hundred dollar bills.

In the caption, Meek wrote: ‘Ain’t no such thing as being real with people that’s tryna use you!’

That is when Trey stumbled upon the post and challenged the other man to donate that money he was using just to flex, to Philadelphia.

‘Take some of them bands and accept the #feedyourcitychallenge,’ he wrote in the comment section.

The hashtag refers to a challenge started by the Ricky Davis Legacy Foundation, Pusha T and Tony Draper and it is meant to help local families struggling amid the pandemic.

On June 20, Trey held a #feedyourcitychallenge event in Petersburg, his hometown and had volunteers give out thousands of bags of vegetables and fruits to those who needed the help.

As mentioned before, Meek did not just take the shade throwing from the other, pointing out in response that he’d donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to schools in Philadelphia, sold his Rolls Royce Phantom and donated the money to charity and even helped raise millions of dollars for criminal justice and prison reforms.

But then Trey copied the conversation on his platform and clarified that there was a misunderstanding.

‘So @meekmill felt a way about me challenging him to #feedyourcitychallenge. He felt the need to tell me what he has already done, not realizing I tapped on him because I know he is already doing a lot for his community. That is great you donated fam, that is great you helping prison reform, that is great you gave ya phantom. I am simply trying to bring us together to further help our communities. You offended? Lol you got it!’

Meek clapped back, however, making it very clear that he did not appreciate being ‘put on the spot!’

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