Meek Mill Receives Apology From Las Vegas Hotel Following Their Refusal To Let Him In

Meek Mill Receives Apology From Las Vegas Hotel Following Their Refusal To Let Him In
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According to a report from NBC News, the rapper, Meek Mill, recently received an apology from the owners of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, who refused to allow the rapper inside the venue, due to a claim there was a violent incident on the premises involving the recently-released-from-prison rapper.

Meek Mill accused the establishment of discrimination after they refused to allow him on their property. The owners threatened to have the man arrested if he steps foot in the Cosmopolitan. On Saturday, a spokesperson for the hotel said they apologized for handling the issue improperly.

Their statement claimed they were simply wrong, and there wasn't a violent incident on their property involving him. Robert Rihmeek Williams, AKA Meek Mill, took to his Instagram account following the confrontation to say that the owners of the hotel wouldn't let him inside.

Meek Mill said many of the casinos have tactics to slow the number of black people in them. He added, "but (they) love to take our money!" The star said this sort of things happens to all kinds of black entertainers because of racism.

As a consequence, many other rappers came out and said that they supported him, one of them being 50 Cent, who said he would refuse to go there if they didn't fix the predicament.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel's management put out a statement on Tuesday in which they said that he wasn't let in because of an issue with security, rather than because he was black as Meek Mill suggested. Furthermore, Meek Mill's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, claims the hotel's story of Meek being at an overcapacity party was not true.

Joseph Tacopina, in his statement on the behalf of his client, Meek, said that the establishment has a list of African-Americans who aren't allowed in for being black. Meek Mill and his attorney said they were considering filing a lawsuit if they didn't apologize and allow the rapper in.

Shortly after the news of their blunder, Tacopina said to NBC News they both appreciated the hotel's apology and they wouldn't bother with legal action anymore.

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