Meek Mill Might Be Going To Jail

Meek Mill Might Be Going To Jail
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It seems that unfortunately, Meek Mill might be going to jail again. He just can't win this.

The rapper has reportedly been ordered to appear in court on Monday, November 6 due to more probation violations related to his previous drug and weapons case, according to TMZ.

It seems that his latest indiscretions could ensure Meek at least two years in jail.

Meek’s probation comes from a 2008 drug and gun conviction, which he initially served eight months for.

His freedom was most recently put in danger when he was arrested for recklessly driving a dirt bike around New York City in August 2017.

Sources from the police said that he was arrested after he posted videos on Instagram with him riding dirt bikes and ATVs on the road without wearing a helmet.

This violated traffic laws and put pedestrians and motorists in danger.

Just before this event back in March 2017, he was taken into custody for fighting at a St. Louis airport.

Unfortunately for him, this isn’t the first time he’s disobeyed the terms of his probation.

Back in 2015, Meek skipped town to perform at a concert in Pennsylvania without alerting his probation officer.

Meek's stunt resulted in a 90-day house arrest, and his probation was extended to six years.

Because of all these previous offenses, he might now be in big trouble. We really hope the judge won;t be too rough in his punishment.

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