Meek Mill Mentions Nicki Minaj And Her Baby During Clubhouse Chat And Fans Slam Him For Being ‘Obsessed’ With Her!

Meek Mill Mentions Nicki Minaj And Her Baby During Clubhouse Chat And Fans Slam Him For Being ‘Obsessed’ With Her!
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Meek Mill mentioned his ex, Nicki Minaj , and her new baby during a late night appearance on app Clubhouse and some of the female emcee's fans were not too happy about that! As a result, some of them took this chance to slam the rapper for being so 'obsessed' with Nicki!

It all started with Meek appearing in the Clubhouse app just to chat with his supporters very early today.

But when he suddenly mentioned his ex, Nicki Minaj, things took a bad turn for him.

As it seems, Meek was apparently making a reference to a Shade Room post that compared him to Nicki's husband and father of her child, Kenneth Petty.

'They had me up there — me versus Nicki’s boyfriend. Nicki just had a fu**ing baby. I just had a fu**ing baby. Who is responsible for this bulls**t?' he wondered, seemingly aggravated.

Of course, it looks like he was just upset over being pitted against his ex's current husband in spite of the fact that they have both moved on from each other at this point.

But some of Nicki's fans were still not happy at all about the fact that he mentioned her in the first place!

One person in the chat told him that 'I don’t even want you to talk about that.'

Other users started calling him out on Twitter , claiming that he is super 'obsessed' with his ex!

Here are a couple of hostile reactions to Meek's mention of Nicki: 'Can Meek Mill please leave Nicki the f**k alone?' / 'So I wake up to see Meek Mill discussing Nicki Minaj AGAIN? When will the obsession end?'

As you might know, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were in a romantic relationship for about two years, from 2015 to 2017.

But, towards the end of 2018, she finally reunited with her high school sweetheart, Kenneth Petty, and got married less than a year later!


Back in September, the two welcomed a son together as well and they still seem very happy together.

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