Meek Mill Is Dating A Young Kim Kardashian Lookalike And Nicki Minaj Fans Think It Is A Mistake After Checking This Picture

Meek Mill Is Dating A Young Kim Kardashian Lookalike And Nicki Minaj Fans Think It Is A Mistake After Checking This Picture
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Meek Mill seems to have moved on from Nicki Minaj for good and is reportedly dating a curvy video vixen, and the Internet is not too pleased about it.

The famous rapper from Philadelphia took to social media where he posted a photo getting very cozy with a woman who looks like a younger version of Kim Kardashian.

The mysterious beauty was featured in the music video for Meek Mill's latest track, "Dangerous" featuring Jeremih and PnB Rock.

Many fans took to the comment section to say that they are frustrated over the fact that Meek has decided to date a white woman when so many members of the African-American community fought to get him out of prison.

One person said: "A white woman of course, why? So many sisters out there. White Women voted for DeSantis! Nikki bout to be in her feels."

Another commenter shared: "She isn't BLACK.? Soon as a Blacka$s King get a little status or money, they forget about the Sistas hunty."

This third supporter explained: "Run girl! He is going to tell all your business if it doesn’t work out. She’s helping his reform"

After a long and bizarre court battle, Meek was finally released from prison in April after spending over 160 days there.

He was behind bars due to a probation violation linked to the convictions he faced when he was a teenager. Upon his release, he vowed to fight for prison reform.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, Meek revealed: “I represent the streets, the people that been through struggle and pain When Kanye said, ‘You got a choice to be a slave,’ I ain’t have a choice to grow up on PHA [Public Housing Agency]. I was born in public housing. My mom was on welfare when I was born.”

He went on to explain why he feels the need to take action: “People are screaming ‘Free Meek’ while they got other family members in jail. I got a responsibility. I got a job to do.”

He added: “He made his bed,” they’ll say. “Why couldn’t he just follow the rules?” they’ll ask. “He had a choice,” they’ll insist, ignorant about the systems that fuel those choices. Meek isn’t the palatable black man many people want him to be. No one is. Deep down, Meek is still a regular “boul” from Philadelphia."

The hip-hop star concluded by: “I ain’t gonna be Martin Luther King. I want to have the impact of Martin Luther King, but I don’t want to be Martin Luther King. I’m still Meek Mill.”

Nicki might not appreciate this development.

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  • Jameson Y
    Jameson Y Nov 8, 2018 4:04 PM PST

    I don't think Nicki fans are upset about this, nor would want them to get back together. If I recall, Nicki stood by him when he was at his lowest, put her career aside while he was on house arrest, and even testified to the DA for him, vouching for him based on her credibility. After they broke up, he dragged her name through various media outlets, participated in the jokes against her regarding Remy, and even had Nicki's house robbed by his 6 friends. Nicki doesn't need to go back to that.

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