Meek Mill Is Being Dragged For Telling Lil Mama This After She Made A Romantic Gesture

Meek Mill Is Being Dragged For Telling Lil Mama This After She Made A Romantic Gesture
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Lil Mama cannot catch a break, the actress and femcee was recently humiliated by Meek Mill after making a romantic gesture towards him on social media, something which the rapper was not at all impressed by.

Meek Mill claimed that Hot Girl Summer was officially done and then posted a photo of Kehlani and YG on his own Instagram.

He added that he was trying to find his own wife at this point, and it did not take long for Lil Mama to chime in with a hopeful post.

She asked, "Why you ain't just post us," drawing a lot of attention from various commenters, both her fans and those of Meek Mill.

However, it does not look like Meek Mill took the message the right way, responding with "Oh you shooting ya shot ‘shot' huh," leading to many comical responses from his fans.

Some of them immediately started egging on Lil Mama as well, but the fact that she decided to shot her shot will not cost one bit more in terms of reputation because fans are defending her.

One of them said: "Why all of you are acting like Meek looks like Nas or something. His money makes him look good. Lil Mama cute... all of you be tripping in the comments smh."

This backer shared: "Yall always try to play Lil Mama, that girl rap better than a lot of these girls in the game rn, and she’s authentic asf 💯 on top of that she’s gorgeous.?🏽‍♀️❤️"

A critic explained: "And that ladies + gentleman was what I call a curve 😭Once you date Nicki Minaj what else is next?"

This follower stated: "This girl is Beautiful and multi-talented...SUPER underrated!!!. I hate the bullying she's endured over the years from the internet. I hope she finds a deserving man that will appreciate all her excellent qualities.❤️"

Another person wrote:
"All of you so pro-black women pro dark skin black women then turn around and clown a beautiful all-natural dark-skinned woman 🤔 For showing interest in someoneLil mama is pretty! And unproblematic!!! Meanwhile Meek a felon and look like a thumb....Y’all need to chill. "

Lil Mama is all too bothered by that, as she has gone on with her regular social media behavior afterward.

Some have even pointed out that she might have a real shot with Meek Mill, but he is trying to turn things around by playing hard to get.

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