Meek Mill Has Some Words For DJ Akademiks

Meek Mill Has Some Words For DJ Akademiks
Credit: BET

Meek Mill has some words for DJ Akademics, and these two exchanged some pretty rough messages on Twitter just the other day. Check out some posts below.

Also, make sure to check out some more posts that The Shade Room also shared:

A follower said: ' Meek jumped Quinten Miller cause drake ain’t retweet his album but now wanna talk about Akademiks. Rappers make millions glorifying street culture, then wanna talk about the nigga retweeting shit they say. Sad thing is they mad cause internet randos got jokes, not no cause.'

Someone told Meek: 'He’s not even black American. When are blacks gonna learn a lot of the immigrant blacks don’t see themselves as one of us, this why we have the likes of Candice Owens, those clowns that run world star or Mona Scott young that do ratchet love & hip hop denigrating us. Wake up!'

A commenter posted: 'Do you see the double standard in this? From the outside looking in, the Majority of your music regardless of if it’s a product of your life is causing more deaths. 95% of mainstream Rap/Hip-Hop these days is just glorifying murder. I highly doubt Akademiks has a reach like y’all.'

Someone else said: 'Cap listen to his music, and you’ll see how he actually tries to speak to the youth and put them on the game. Young black America left Hollywood, believe, trauma, what’s free, love don’t live here, and countless others bro and he give back.'

In other news, last month, Trey Songz accused Meek Mill  of not donating to charity despite having the means to.

However, Meek is actually very proud of always giving back to his community so he did not waste much time before clapping back at the other artist.

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