Meek Mill Explains The Reason Why He Doesn't Like Lace Front Wigs - Is He Shading Nicki Minaj?

Meek Mill Explains The Reason Why He Doesn't Like Lace Front Wigs - Is He Shading Nicki Minaj?
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The celebrities' world is dealing with yet another problem. Meek Mill found himself in hot water after getting slammed by various women including Toya Wright for criticizing lace-front wigs.

It all started when the rapper posted a long Twitter thread where he was telling the world that he is not a fan of wigs.

He continued and detailed the fact that he once had a traumatizing experience with a woman who had one on and it slipped off while trying a position.

Now, he wanted to make sure that everyone really gets his message and he continued with yet another post which was shared by The Shade Room as well.

Someone said 'But he dated Nicki Minaj all that time, I know she didn't take her hair off 🤣' Mor people believe that he just wants to shade Nicki with his comments.

Another commenter posted 'Meek is like Donald Trump now they both need to stay off of social media isn't that the reason he was beefing with Drake in the first place Twitter fingers.'

Of course, Meek did not use any names, but more and more fans seem to believe that the timing is perfect.

If you recall, it was reported that while Nicki was performing during the past weekend, she tweaked a bit her Barbie Dreams song, and she called out Meek and more men in her life.

‘Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him,’ Nicki rapped, before adding: ‘I could tell you secrets, but I won’t/Cause being a bitter bitch is what I don’t.’

This is why people believe that Meek wants to shade Nicki with his latest comments. Nothing has been confirmed, and all these are just fans' assumptions.

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