Meek Mill Deactivates All Of His Social Media Accounts Until He Drops A New Record

Meek Mill Deactivates All Of His Social Media Accounts Until He Drops A New Record
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The Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill , hasn't unveiled a new project in what seems like years. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Meek hasn't released a new album ever since 2018's Championships which was a critical and commercial success.

Some of his biggest songs include "Going Bad" with Drake," "What's Free" with Jay-Z and Rick Ross, "On Me," alongside Cardi B, as well as "Uptown Vibes" from Fabolous and Annuel AA. Mill has worked with other artists as well, including Future, Young Thug , Roddy Ricch, and more.

Championships was hailed by many critics and fans as being Meek Mill 's formidable return to the rap game. Not that long ago, Meek appeared to insinuate he was going to release a new album before the end of 2020, however, it's not clear if this plan is still coming to fruition.

In recent news, Meek Mill took to his account to say there was a "four-pack" coming down the tubes. Unfortunately, Meek Mill has found himself involved in another controversy online so the news of the new album has been overtaken with the news of beef.

In case you missed it, Meek Mill attempted to foster a peace agreement between gangs in Philadelphia, however, he was subsequently "banned" from the North of Philadelphia. During an Instagram Livestream, Poundside Pop, a rapper from Northern Philly, claimed Mill wasn't allowed in his area again.

Obviously, Meek Mill never bothered to respond to the comment with any kind of glee or enthusiasm. Instead, he claimed he owned all of the Philadelphia hood, which came as a shock to his fans considering it almost seemed like he was willing to rescind his peace offering immediately for the sake of pride.

Rather than continue to fight this battle, Meek Mill has reportedly taken some time away from social media for the next little while. Hot New Hip Hop claims the rapper took to his account to say he would be "deactivating" until Friday which is when he has new tracks coming out.


Earlier this year, Meek was in the headlines again over his split with Milan Harris, with whom he just had a child.

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