Meek Mill 'Banned' From North Philadelphia After Proposing Peace Treaty In Exchange For A Record Contract

Meek Mill 'Banned' From North Philadelphia After Proposing Peace Treaty In Exchange For A Record Contract
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Meek Mill took to his social media account this week to offer a peace treaty to different areas of the Philadelphia area. Page Six picked up on a post from the rapper this week in which he tried to solve the gang violence problem in his city through a unique approach.

Meek Mill, rather than receiving praise for trying to bring people together, was quickly attacked online. The outlet claims the rapper has even been "banned" from visiting the northern part of Philadelphia, at least according to one other rapper from that area.

This Sunday, Meek Mill claimed he would give out record contracts to gang members in the area if they promised not to participate in any more violent conflicts.

The star went on to write on his account that he would give the "main big artists" in Philadelphia a record deal if they "put them bodies behind them and squash them beef." Meek Mill says he heard about a lot of the talent in the area, but he also heard that many of them can't get along.

According to Page Six, a lot of people online were upset over the idea of Meek Mill offering money, fame, and success to people in exchange for them to forget about their dead friends and other beef. For instance, one rapper, Poundside Pop, wrote, "you not from North, bro," before going on to say that he was "banned."

Complex was the first to pick up on it. Ironically, Meek Mill responded by claiming that he and his crew "run the hood." Obviously, this comment didn't do any favors for the performing artist because it came off like he immediately did an about-face on his offer.

Not long after, Meek announced he was going to be taking some time off from his social media accounts, at least until he drops a batch of new music this Friday. As most fans of the artist know, the last time he dropped a full-length record was back in 2018 with Championships.


Since then, Meek has been in the headlines for his various personal woes, including his beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine and his fallout with baby momma, Milan Harris.

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