Meagan Good Opens Up About Skin Lightening Horror Story -- Wants People To Know She Would Never Bleach

Meagan Good Opens Up About Skin Lightening Horror Story -- Wants People To Know She Would Never Bleach
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Meagan Good;s appearance changed dramatically some time last year. Her usually butterscotch toned skin was multiple shades lighter and fans definitely took notice of it.

In fact, a follower called her out about it months ago. The actress decided to address the speculation and explained what exactly happened.

She told them that an unlicensed cosmetologist gave her something to corect a sun spot on her forehead and it ended up changing her skin tone completely.

It's been quite some time now and her color is starting to return. This is why she decided to open up more about the situation.

During a chat with The Same Room, she went in depth about what transpired.

'I went to an unlicensed esthetician who convinced me that I needed to get rid of some sun damage. And a few months later, I am like five shades lighter than I actually am and it was a really traumatic experience because I really trusted the person. I kept asking her through the process, like 'Is this what's supposed to happen?' She's like, 'Oh it'll lift and it'll come back.' I got to the place of realizing I don't know if it's going to come back, I think I've been bamboozled.'

The traumatic situation was even more disheartening considering she is in the public eye and wants little brown girls that look like her to know that she loves her skin. The situation took a toll on her confidence.

'It was super embarrassing and super painful especially in the climate we're in as black women. I'm over-confident when I look in the mirror, I like what I see. And to feel like someone stole that from me and to feel like I was misled and now there's commentary on it and people thinking I don't love myself, that's something I can get through but when I'm thinking about these young girls, these young brown-skinned girls who are thinking that I've changed myself and what kind of ideas are putting into their head, that just broke my heart.'

Her faith in God is what got her through the tough time.

'I do feel a lot stronger and I feel thankful that I went through something that traumatic, and that I can use it to God's glory and say, 'No, I've actually been through that.'


It's great that Meagan cleared it up.

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