Meagan Good Fights Back Against Social Media Troll Who Criticized Her Body

Meagan Good Fights Back Against Social Media Troll Who Criticized Her Body
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According to a report from, Meagan Good hasn't exactly fostered a reputation for herself as the type of person to clap-back against social media trolls, however, she recently did so and quite elegantly as well.

Meagan posted a picture from a recent photoshoot for Essence Magazine, and in the caption, she dived into her fitness regime. One of the commenters made a comment about her weight-loss and training, stating that Meagan "looks great," but also insinuated that it appeared as though she was losing weight.

Good responded, "No, just got back to my original weight by choosing a healthier lifestyle. Blessings." The person who caused the trouble, however, was another commenter who pointed out the fact she's married to a film producer/minister named DeVon Franklin.

The commenter stated that Meagan probably shouldn't be posing for magazine covers considering her recent circumstances. Good wasn't willing to let that fly by without a little bit of self-defense, however. Meagan said to the person that she wasn't married to a pastor; she's married to a film producer who also happens to be a motivational speaker and minister.

Good went on to say that she doesn't believe the wives of ministers are supposed to wear "trash bags" or "turtle necks," just because they're the wife of a religious figure. As most know, this won't be the first time Meagan has come under fire by commenters.

According to a 2013 report from NewsOne, Meagan once showed up to the BET Awards wearing a blue dress with the center of it cut open, revealing parts of her breasts. Reportedly, Meagan came under fire by some people in the Christian audience.

She later released a statement defending her choice to wear what she likes. The Christian Post also reported Meagan as saying in the past that she's not afraid at all to be the person who she is.

Good said before a Los Angeles audience at Once Church International that there was nothing immoral about having sex appeal or appearing sexy. Meagan said there is a "classy way to do everything."

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