'Mayans MC' Creator Talks Season 2 And The Shocking Appearance By 'Sons Of Anarchy's' Happy

'Mayans MC' Creator Talks Season 2 And The Shocking Appearance By 'Sons Of Anarchy's' Happy
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The first season of Mayans MC wrapped up this week and the season finale featured another surprise Sons of Anarchy cameo. SOA fans were treated with the return of David Labrava, who played Happy on Kurt Sutter's original series. Although Happy brought a lot of comic relief to the original show, his appearance on the spin-off spelled troubled for EZ (JD Pardo) and his family.

At the end of the finale, EZ discovered that Happy was the person who murdered his mother years ago. There is no telling how EZ will handle the fact that Happy killed his mom, but the drama is expected to take center stage in Season 2 of the hit biker drama.

While we wait to see how things unfold, Sutter opened up about the decision to bring Happy back following the Season 1 finale of Mayans MC .

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , Sutter revealed that he did not plan on re-introducing Happy until he was working on episode 7 of Mayans MC . When EZ's mom was killed, the Sons were setting up a major gun deal with Galindo (Danny Pino).

At that time, Happy was still a Nomad, and making runs into Southern Cali made sense. It also fit in nicely with EZ's backstory, which is why Sutter brought him back.

But just because Happy is back in action does not mean we'll get to see all of the characters from SOA next season.

In fact, Sutter cautioned fans about expecting too many cameos next season and revealed that Happy's involvement is more about creating another point of tension for EZ and his family.

"It will become another external fire burning underneath him. I don’t want to mislead fans by saying next season is going to be season 8 of Sons of Anarchy," Sutter explained.

Sutter added that EZ will have to think carefully about getting revenge for his mother's death. Happy's relationship with the Mayans and the cartel will make it tricky for EZ to go after him. That does not mean EZ will forget about what Happy did, but getting revenge might take a bit longer than expected.

Mayans MC will return for Season 2 in 2019.


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