Maya Hawke Reveals How Dad Ethan Hawke Helped Her Win Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Role

Maya Hawke Reveals How Dad Ethan Hawke Helped Her Win Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Role
Credit: Source New York Daily News

Maya Hawke is getting candid about how her famous father, Ethan Hawke helped her win her role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

No, he did not make a phone call or ask for a favor to get Maya her part in the Quentin Tarantino film. Instead, Ethan helped his daughter hone her craft.

"I got an audition for the project through the normal channels through my agents, and I did an audition in my bedroom with my dad. "We sent in the tape to Quentin, and I got a callback," the 22-year-old shared with The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood .

Maya admitted the audition process was nothing like she had ever experienced. She likened it to the process she went through to get into drama school. The call back was an all-day process for the actress.

"We worked on the scene in many different ways and in many different combinations of people. Eventually, he found a group of people who were doing the scene in a way that he liked. And then everyone went home, and people got the call," she said about Tarantino and his process.

The Stranger Things star finally got the call letting her know she won the role of Flower Child, one of Charles Manson's family members. It was a dream come true for Maya to work with the famous director her mother, Uma Thurman worked with numerous times. Fans know Thurman worked with Tarantino on Pulp Fiction , Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Volume 2 .

"I've never been on a set where every single person who was there was equally as excited to be there as the actors, and the director and everyone were. He's been working with the same people for so long, and he's executed such amazing work. Everyone has a tremendous amount of faith in him and in the projects, and it gives an amazing collaborative feeling on set," Maya stated at the premiere.

Ethan Hawke helped his daughter Maya Hawke land her role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood . The actress is grateful for her father's guidance as she works hard to earn her rightful place in the acting world.

Maya is off to a good start too. She is beginning to come into her own and not be in the shadow of her famous parents. Like her dad, Ethan recently said , "she is the real deal" and "one to watch."


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