Max Ehrich Visits Beach Where He Asked Demi Lovato For Marriage

Max Ehrich Visits Beach Where He Asked Demi Lovato For Marriage
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TMZ reported this week that Max Ehrich went down to the beach where he famously proposed to Demi Lovato earlier this year. However, as fans know, Demi and Max split up amid the coronavirus pandemic after spending a few months in lockdown together.

It was reported that Max was photographed on the beach where he was on one bended knee looking very sad. The outlet goes on to say that at one point, Max got up and walked around a bit but later sat down again.

As the story goes, Max actually found out about his split with Demi from a tabloid headline while he was filming a movie scene. Max took to his social media account to say Lovato never even broke up with him via text or face-to-face.

Max has been in the headlines repeatedly ever since, including when TMZ talked to him at the airport in Los Angeles. Max also asked people to stop bullying him over his relationship with Lovato and demanded people to respect their privacy.

Reportedly, Demi has stayed relatively silent ever since the news of their split was revealed, however, it was reported that she did release a song which many people believe was about Max. Ehrich, on the other hand, has commented on it a number of times on Instagram.

As for what Demi Lovato's family and friends think, it was claimed earlier in the month that her family is actually happy they broke up because they didn't like him much. One source said Lovato's family thought he was "weird" and there was just something "off" about him.

Before they split, Max was in the headlines when it was reported that he had allegedly made multiple thirsty comments about several pop stars on Instagram, including Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez.

However, Demi later came out to say the messages weren't real and were simply created to stir up controversy. Some fans still believe the messages were genuine, and perhaps Demi figured out the truth later. Regardless, the couple has split up and both parties have moved on.

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