Matthew McConaughey Says His Father Died During Bedroom Time With His Mom

Matthew McConaughey Says His Father Died During Bedroom Time With His Mom
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Matthew McConaughey , the Academy Award winner, is getting ready to release his new memoir, Greenlights . McConaughey recently appeared in a cover story from People Magazine in which the outlet featured an excerpt from his upcoming book.

Matthew reportedly writes in his new memoir that his father, James Donald, had actually passed away while having sex with his wife, Kay. Matthew said that he got a call from his mother one day and she told him that his father had died.

"I couldn't believe it," Matthew said, before going on to say that he was "my dad." McConaughey claims his father always used to joke to the family that he was going to pass away while "making love" to their mother, and that's precisely what happened.

Matthew says his father had a "heart attack" during an orgasm. Reportedly, James passed away in 1992, and he and Matthew's mother, Kay, had an intermittent relationship in which they had gotten back together and married a whopping total of three times.

They had Matthew not long after their third wedding. The actor claims his mother and father's relationship was like the "Pacific Ocean in a storm." Near the beginning of the year, the White Boy Rick actor tried to get his mother to start dating Hugh Grant's father, James Grant, who is 91-years-old.

Matthew was in the headlines earlier this year again regarding his own family life. McConaughey has several children and the actor said that being a father was the "pinnacle" of his idea of success. Matthew said he loved being a father and it was something he always wanted to do.

In other news, Matthew called on the American public not to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, specifically. Additionally, McConaughey was in the news when he said that he had reflected on his life when he turned 50-years-old.

Matthew began thinking about his career and what people would say about him for his eulogy. McConaughey told People Magazine that he wanted to live the type of life where he would be ok with looking back on it.

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