Matthew McConaughey Reveals Why He Hasn’t Shared More Details On His Sexual Assault Story

In a new interview, Matthew McConaughey explained why he never chose to disclose any details regarding the sexual abuse he endured as a teenager. In case you missed it, Matthew released a new memoir, Greenlights , in which he told a harrowing story of sexual abuse.

Among his many tales in the new book, Mr. McConaughey, who famously won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club , claimed that he was once "blackmailed" into having sex for the first time when he was just 15-years-old.

Matthew wrote in his memoir that he thought he was going to go to hell for having "premarital sex." The Oscar winner claimed that today, he's "merely certain" that he "hopes" it's not the case. Additionally, Matthew spoke on the time he was knocked unconscious and assaulted in the back of a vehicle.

During his appearence on the Tamron Hall show this Friday, Matthew said to the television host that he felt there was "nothing constructive" about revealing any of the details. The 51-year-old Academy Award winner explained how he didn't want the details to be sensationalized as pure "voyeurism."

Matthew touched on the mainstream media's way of sensationalizing controversial stories, explaining how many outlets and publications would've crafted headlines about the most controversial and inflammatory aspects of his experiences as a teenager.

Put simply, Matthew claimed his stories of abuse would've been used as mere clickbait. Furthermore, Matthew, who is a father of three children , claimed he doesn't look at himself as a victim, because he has had so much success in his life.

Matthew claimed that if the incidents of abuse would've happened when he was much younger, he probably would've taken them harder. However, as a result of his maturity at the age of 18, he realized that's not the way the world is. Moreover, that's not how it was "supposed to be," the actor remarked.


In case you missed it, Matthew just dropped a brand new book, Memoirs , in which he also explained how it seems as though the world has "conspired" to make him happy. For that reason, the actor explained, he doesn't feel like a "victim."

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