Matt Lauer's Mistress Who Got Him Fired From Today Is Reportedly Shopping New Tell-All

Matt Lauer's Mistress Who Got Him Fired From Today Is Reportedly Shopping New Tell-All
Credit: Source: NBC

More than a year after Matt Lauer lost his job on The Today Show for alleged sexual misconduct, the mistress who brought him down is shopping a tell-all book, says Page Six . The woman is a former NBC staffer who was the assistant of Lauer’s co-host Meredith Vieira before working her way up to the role of producer, and she is reportedly talking with different publishers.

Lauer was a staple of morning television for nearly 25 years before losing his multi-million dollar contract with NBC after the woman claimed he acted inappropriately at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, then continued to do so for several months afterward.

After the woman came forward and told NBC execs that she and Lauer had an affair, other women followed suit and complained about the disgraced morning news anchor. This led to the peacock network abruptly firing Lauer in November 2017.

“This was not a fling; it was an affair. She went and complained and Matt was fired. He admitted it when [producer] Andy [Lack] confronted him,” says an insider.

Ari Wilkenfeld, the woman’s attorney, has said that her client was “terrified” people would find out who she is, but now, in a shocking twist, she is ready to tell her story.

Cameras spotted Lauer out and about in the Hamptons last week as he grabbed some lunch in the affluent New York town. The former TV host wore dark sunglasses and a gray blazer with a scarf as he smiled and talked on his phone.

Lauer is spending his time with his three kids at his $32 million Hamptons estate as he goes through his divorce from his model wife, Annette Roque.

The insider says that Lauer “knows there’s no TV role for him now,” after his exit from NBC. A few months later, the network’s investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations found that he had violated the company’s policy.

The report also found that company executives had zero knowledge of Lauer’s misconduct. And, just two weeks after he was fired, three more women admitted they had “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” with Lauer.

“This has been felt by everyone in the organization, most importantly several of our colleagues who were deeply affected. I admire their bravery and am profoundly grateful for their candor,” said Andy Lack, chairman of NBC Universal.

Matt Lauer has not commented on any of the rumors surrounding the tell-all or his desire to return to life in front of the camera.


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  • Basim Salahuddin Wynn
    Basim Salahuddin Wynn Jun 7, 2019 8:39 AM PDT

    Don’t touch a woman who is not your wife. There is no sin in divorce. But to humiliate yourself and your family is nothing but the work of Matt Lauer and his shaytaan. This so called mistress considered this evil an affair. Did she expect him to do what? Leave his wife and children? They never do. Now Matt Lauer who was respected throughout the world is brought down by his nafs his desires at his age he should have had control of. Now this mistress wants to be a victim and write a book. Was she raped or forced into this sexual assault on her humanity? Was she a willing performer or participant? She expected something more and didn’t get it. So now she wants to cry…woe is me! Look what was done to me without me knowing. There is no one clean in this. Everyone is touched by this evil. Now the succubus wants to cash in on Matt Lauer and from the suffering and shame of his family. I would not read one letter of this garbage book of hers. Think of Matt Lauer’s wife and children, but this cash and grab isn’t concerned about decency honor integrity self respect. She is attempting to ensure her retirement savings is available for her and nothing more. Anyone that buys into her sickness is nothing more than a hyena sucking the marrow out of bones of a rotten corpse. Nuff said.

  • Floyd61
    Floyd61 Mar 20, 2019 5:44 PM PDT

    Nobody had "HIM" fired. He did that all by himself. What a sleazeball!!!!

  • Mary E Sylvia
    Mary E Sylvia Mar 19, 2019 5:01 PM PDT

    I don't get to give final approval as to who is hired to work with me..

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