Matt Lauer’s Ex-Wife Annette Roque Reportedly Regrets Not Divorcing Him Sooner

Matt Lauer’s Ex-Wife Annette Roque Reportedly Regrets Not Divorcing Him Sooner
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Matt Lauer's ex-wife Annette Roque reportedly regrets not divorcing him sooner.

The disgraced former Today anchor is making headlines again for his inappropriate actions against women during his NBC tenure. Although the sexual allegations against Lauer got him fired in 2017, new rape allegations have created another headline-making scandal.

In September, Roque and Lauer finalized their divorce . The former model has been keeping quiet regarding the accusations against her ex-husband, since the day he was fired.

However, in light of former NBC News colleague Brooke Nevils claims Lauer raped her, Roque is finally speaking out regarding the tormented life she had with Lauer. She has no regrets about divorcing him, she only wishes she would have done it sooner.

"Annette wanted out of the marriage for a long time. She stayed for Matt's career and, more important, for their kids But in the past five years, she's been through hell," an insider shared with US Weekly.

The exes were together for nearly 20-years and have three children, sons Jack age 18 and Thijs age 12, as well as daughter Romy age 16. Their union was full of cracks, with Lauer having several extramarital affairs. One of which he confirmed was with Nevils.

"There were cracks in the marriage from very early on. Matt has always been a ladies' man, and there were affairs in the beginning. When he promised to change, Roque "chose to believe Matt's denials," the same source further revealed.

Along with cheating on Roque, Lauer is allegedly a control freak and expected his wife to be one too.

"Matt's a total control freak. Nothing was ever out of place, and he expected this same quality in his wife too," the insider exclaimed to the weekly magazine.

Annette Roque does not regret leaving her ex-husband Matt Lauer. Their marriage was turbulent, and she was tormented for years because of him.

Roque only has one regret amid all the drama surrounding Lauer, she wished she had ended the marriage sooner. She is ready to move on with her life and distance herself from the scandal.

Lauer maintains he did not rape Brooke Nevils saying her story in full of "false details". He admits they carried on an affair, but insists the sexual relationship was consensual.

Those looking for more details regarding the not so happy marriage of Roque and Lauer can pick up the newest copy o f Us Weekly on sale now.

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