Matt Harvey Missed The Citi Field And The Reason Might Be Seeing Adriana Lima With Julian Edelman

Matt Harvey Missed The Citi Field And The Reason Might Be Seeing Adriana Lima With Julian Edelman

We've all been there. We've all thought at some point that we're in love with someone just to find out in a painful fashion that they don't feel the same way for us. And of course, no one can take such a thing very well.

Of course, "not taking it very well" doesn't under any circumstance mean not showing up at Citi Field when all you had to do was make it there until 4 p.m and also get paid lots of money for not pitching that day.

It must be obvious by now that we're talking about Matt Harvey who got himself suspended for three games and then made a public apology after not showing up for a Mets game last Saturday.

If we were to listen to the tabloid rumors, the reason for which he failed to show up at the game might be the fact that he was still distracted after seeing some photos of his so-called girlfriend, Adriana Lima, out with one of her ex-flames, Julian Edelman.

The New York Post's Page Six recently described Harvey as being an emotional wreck after reports have shown Lima and Edelman attending the Met Gala after-party together last week.

It seems that the two of them were caught flirting with each other and also having a blast together.

“Adriana’s relationship with Matt was never serious,” a source told the N.Y. Post. “They are no longer seeing each other.”

After her night out at the party with Edelman, Lima sent a nasty yet modern "we're over" message to Harvey by unfollowing his Instagram then she took what some people saw as a hard shot straight to him in a post on the social media site.


Harvey confessed that he is extremely embarrassed about his unexcused absence. “I put myself in a bad place to be ready for showing up to a ballgame and that is my responsibility,” he confessed.


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