Mathew Perry Beat Up Justin Trudeau In The Fifth Grade!

Mathew Perry Beat Up Justin Trudeau In The Fifth Grade!

It turns out that Mathew Perry has an interesting story that he just shared in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Allegedly the actor beat up Justin Trudeau in the 5th grade. The infamous Friends actor told Jimmy Kimmel that he had a story that he was not particularly proud of.

He said that he and his grade school friend had both beat up Justin Trudeau when they went to elementary school together in Canada. Perry said that at the time, Justin Trudeau was actually a few years older than him, but the fact that his father was the Prime Minister inadvertently singled him out as a target for bullying.

Perry said that his friend ganged up on Trudeau because of his unusually superior athletic abilities; and that they were jealous of his athleticism. Perry went on to say that Trudeau didn’t have any special bodyguards and that if someone did that to President Trump’s son they would be in an internment camp in Russia somewhere.

Mathew Perry went on to say that he is not proud of what he did, even though he revealed it to a huge audience on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night comedy show that is broadcasted all over the nation. Perry said that maybe it was a part of the reason why he decided to become Prime Minister of Canada.

Perry was raised in Ottawa, Canada and his mother worked as the Press Secretary of Pierre Trudeau, who is known as being a famous Prime Minister.

The famous actor went on to become a huge sit-com star in the legendary show Friends and Justin Trudeau is now Prime Minister of Canada, so it is hard to say who really won the childhood fight in the end.


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