Master P Apologizes To Monica Denise After She Gets 'Mixed Up In Family Drama'

Master P Apologizes To Monica Denise After She Gets 'Mixed Up In Family Drama'
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After a few hours of thinking to himself, Master P came to the conclusion that he owed Monica an apology, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. This Friday, Master P took to his social media to share a video in which he talked about the frustrations over his brother, C-Murder.

As you may or may not know, C-Murder was sent to prison for life after he was convicted on murder charges, and Master P, along with the rest of his family, have supported him from the beginning.

Reportedly, Master P became upset regarding new information related to the dispute, and he made a few comments about Monica speaking with Kim Kardashian about the possibility of C-Murder getting out of prison.

Following Master P's criticism, Monica responded by saying he didn't even know her and didn't have the right to speak on her name. She claimed she didn't do anything wrong, and Master P had no reason to be upset with her.

In response, Master P claimed he didn't even want to get to know her, and questioned her intentions. To finish off his social media exchange, Master P said he didn't want to engage in any more squabbles on the internet, especially considering he has done so much already for the black community.

Master P apologized to Monica directly, saying how he got swept up in his familial drama. In the caption of one of his videos, Master P said he got caught up in the emotions of the moment because he and the rest of his family have some things to work out.

If Kim Kardashian really does help C-Murder get out of jail, it wouldn't be the first time she helped someone out. As most know, both Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian have been fighting for criminal justice reform, releasing one supposedly wrongfully convicted person at a time.


Earlier this year, it was reported that Meek had helped Juelz Santana get out of prison. Kim, on the other hand, helped free Alice Marie Johnson who was sentenced to life on drug charges.

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